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Strepik Temporary Heart Tattoo


3. “El amante de fuego”

Fue el tercer y último single de ¿Dónde está el país de las hadas? y tuvo la mala (o buena, según se mire) fortuna de publicarse un mes antes del incendio de la discoteca madrileña Alcalá 20, llegando incluso a circular la leyenda urbana de que la canción había sonado allí la noche de los hechos. Casi 30 años después, no solo no ha envejecido mal, sino que permanece como una de las más oscuras, inquietantes y perfectas compuestas por Nacho. Muy recomendable también este vídeo de una actuación en Tocata.



Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Mood Week.. Loving it all.

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Sally Hewett Fills Embroidery Hoops with Butts, Breasts, and More (NSFW)

Sally Hewett is a UK-based embroider who gives new meaning to a sculptural approach to the craft. Instead of stitching subject matter like flowers, puppies, and generally happy scenes, she fills embroidery hoops with butts, breasts, and genatalia. The circular compositions rise from the surface and Hewett uses well-placed stitches to give form to these bulbous shapes. In addition, she’ll use dangling threads to simulate public hair, both trimmed and natural.

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Federico Hurtado (Argentina) - Plaza Pública, 2014     Collages

Oh my goodness😱😍

Cape Cod, MAJuly 2014

I got you.


Animated Short Film Shows A Drawing Of A Woman Undergoing Plastic Surgery (NSFW)

Animator Frederic Doazan has created a short film titled ‘Supervenus’. 

In it, a female anatomical drawing goes for plastic surgery. She is cut up, given botox and liposuction, and is finally transformed into a blonde bombshell. The procedures do not stop there, however, and take on nightmarish proportions. 

This animation is painful to watch—it documents the pressure that women face as they feel like they have to look a certain way, as well as their love-hate relationship with their bodies.